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Wedding Photographer – check!

June 30, 2009

Today we signed the contract and put down the deposit for an absolutely amazing wedding photographer.  Unlike my previous post, our meeting with Lisa Rigby went off without a hitch.  We sat and drank coffee like old friends while she explained her services and style.  She was so warm and genuinely excited for us that we left the meeting feeling totally giddy and newly excited about our wedding.  We figured if she’s this talented, and she made us feel this good, we had to have her there on our big day.  Visit Lisa’s blog for more romance and loveliness.  I am thrilled beyond description!



Pretty Maids All in a Row

June 25, 2009


Strangely enough, this afternoon I found myself daydreaming about having my bridesmaids in matching dresses.  I suddenly thought it would be super sweet and make for some cute photos.  But more likely than not, I’ll just provide a color palette, encourage them to show off their sexy legs, and let them go at it.



|Vintage Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Row 1: Simple Silhouettes, Row 2: Thread |


June 19, 2009


I’ve always found pinwheels pretty irresistible. How fun would they be at an outdoor wedding?  You could plant patches of them in the garden, or use tiny ones as whimsical place cards and cake decorations.  The best part?  You can make them yourself using the pretty paper of your choice, as described here.

| Photos 1: Ruby Press 2: ShabbyRoses 3: Hello My Name is Heather 4: Pen & Ink Calligraphy |

Budget Time

June 18, 2009

Ok, it’s time to put these numbers together and publicly declare our wedding budget.

First, here’s a typical wedding budget breakdown taken from “Bridal Bargains.”  These numbers are based on a wedding for 150 guests:

Apparel: $2120 (7%)
Rings: $6280 (20%) – this includes engagement rings
Music: $1120 (3%)
Ceremony/Officiant: $800 (2%)
Flowers: $1103 (3%)
Cake: $692 (2%)
Reception/Catering: $12,722 (40%)
Photography: $2650 (8%)
Videographer: $1450 (5%)
Invitations: $407 (1%)
Limo: $610 (2%)
Misc: $2049 (6%) – license, gifts, taxes, tips, etc.
TOTAL: $32,003

Here’s what we’re anticipating for our nuptials (based on a 70 guest-afternoon luncheon in crazy expensive Boston):

Apparel: $1000 (7%) – splitting this 50/50
Rings: $1000 (7%) – we’re not including engagement rings
Music: $0 (0%) – iPod
Ceremony/Officiant: $800 (6%) – hopefully this will be less!
Flowers: $200 (2%) – arranging my own
Cake: $0 (0%) – part of our restaurant’s per person price
Reception/Catering: $6150 (48%) – including food, alcohol, rental fee, tax & gratuity
Photography: $2800 (21%) – take a deep breath
Videographer: $0 (0%)
Invitations: $200 (2%) – making our own
Limo: $0 (0%) – everything is within walking distance
Misc: $1000 (7%) – license, gifts, taxes, tips, etc.
TOTAL: $13,150

This is $3,150 more than we originally wanted to spend.  But within a mere three months of wedding planning our guest list has grown by 25 people and we were introduced to the insane world of wedding photography, both of which upped our numbers.  It completely blows my mind that this budget does not even include a honeymoon!

Keep your eye on the sidebar where I’ll be tallying our costs as we go!

This Way to the Wedding!

June 17, 2009


Super cute signs available for sale or inspiration at “Vintage Signs.”

Flower: Bells of Ireland

June 16, 2009

In season during late summer and early fall, Bells of Ireland are lightly-scented and long-lasting as cut flowers.  I love the dramatic lines they add to centerpieces.

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing my own wedding flowers.  I have a feeling the final bouquets and arrangements might be a motley crew of blooms from the local Trader Joe’s, but with a little planning maybe I can take advantage of some online deals.  At you can order 100 stems of Bells of Ireland for just over $75, shipping included.

| 1: FloralVerde 2: RealSimple 3: The Bride’s Cafe |

New York Wedding Inspiration

June 15, 2009


Having just returned from a delightful weekend in Brooklyn, I wanted to share a beautiful New york wedding photo by photographer Jason Groupp.

The Too Timid Bride

June 12, 2009


Both my beloved and I are keep-the-peace kind of people.  We generally avoid conflict and try not to make a fuss.  We hate the idea of inconveniencing or offending anyone.   So wedding planning, by its very nature, has been a tricky thing for us.

Slowly but surely, we are beginning to write deposit checks for elements of our big day.  Most of our experiences with vendors have been straightforward and reasonably painless, but I can’t help but wonder if we are doing this right.  I’m so focused on not being a “bridezilla” that I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to be taken advantage of.  It’s clear that planning a successful wedding requires some amount of edge, or business savvy, that I’m afraid I just don’t possess.

For instance, we had a meeting with a potential photographer the other day that didn’t go so well.  First, we showed up empty-handed.  No planning binder or inspiration boards.  We took a seat in the studio and the photographer proceeded to show us her portfolios and a slideshow.  Her photos were undeniably incredible, so my first and natural inclination was to admire her as an artist, not some person I’m going to pay to provide me with a service.  In my wide-eyed haze I totally failed to ask critical questions about assistants and wedding day timelines.  She gave us a brochure outlining her photography packages that we accepted in silence.  Basically, for the majority of the meeting we both sat there completely terrified and mute.  It was not good.

So, I’ve got to work on this.  I’ve got to be more prepared for these meetings.  I need to be armed with questions and a clear, concise vision of what we’re looking for.  I have to be ready to discuss money and negotiate where appropriate.  Hopefully these things do not equal a scary, demanding bride – but rather a happy, smart one.

| Angry bride from The Frisky |

Your Ring Finger

June 11, 2009

What bride-to-be doesn’t catch herself staring dreamingly at the sparkling gem on her finger from time to time?  I’m totally guilty of it.  I’m also more aware than ever of other girls’ rings.  When I spot an engagement ring I automatically feel some strange connection to its wearer; some powerful kinship.  I have to stop myself from running up to these total strangers gushing you’re engaged, too!

The popularity of diamonds is a fairly recent phenomenon in the grand scheme of things, but the circle of metal surrounding your left ring finger has ancient beginnings.  The tradition is thought to date back to 2nd century Rome where it was believed a major artery, called the vena amoris, ran from the left ring finger to the heart making it the perfect digit for betrothal rings. (If this magic finger didn’t bring you eternal love, at least it was good for mixing medicine, another common Roman practice due to the powerful “vein of love.”)

This left hand tradition is only followed in some cultures.  Wikipedia says: “In Norway, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, some countries of former Yugoslavia and in Spain (except in Catalonia) the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.”

Where do you wear yours?

| Image from Heritage History |

Wedding Favor: Burdick’s Chocolate Mice

June 10, 2009


Might seem strange, but the wedding detail I’m most looking forward to is the favors.  I love anything small and exquisitely wrapped.  Favors are totally my thing.

I didn’t think much about wedding planning before I was engaged, but I admit that I had a few favor ideas well in advance — which means I’ve got a nice list to share with you!

First off, L. A. Burdick’s super irresistible chocolate mice.  If you’re from New England, chances are you’ve probably had the good fortune to sample one of these delicious cuties.  And Burdick’s totally respects brides’ painstakingly chosen color palettes by offering to customize not only the boxes and bows, but the silk tails, as well!