Your Ring Finger

What bride-to-be doesn’t catch herself staring dreamingly at the sparkling gem on her finger from time to time?  I’m totally guilty of it.  I’m also more aware than ever of other girls’ rings.  When I spot an engagement ring I automatically feel some strange connection to its wearer; some powerful kinship.  I have to stop myself from running up to these total strangers gushing you’re engaged, too!

The popularity of diamonds is a fairly recent phenomenon in the grand scheme of things, but the circle of metal surrounding your left ring finger has ancient beginnings.  The tradition is thought to date back to 2nd century Rome where it was believed a major artery, called the vena amoris, ran from the left ring finger to the heart making it the perfect digit for betrothal rings. (If this magic finger didn’t bring you eternal love, at least it was good for mixing medicine, another common Roman practice due to the powerful “vein of love.”)

This left hand tradition is only followed in some cultures.  Wikipedia says: “In Norway, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, some countries of former Yugoslavia and in Spain (except in Catalonia) the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.”

Where do you wear yours?

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One Response to “Your Ring Finger”

  1. Brenn Says:

    I wear mine on the left but agree that I feel part of a “sisterhood” when I spot another engaged woman!

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