The Too Timid Bride


Both my beloved and I are keep-the-peace kind of people.  We generally avoid conflict and try not to make a fuss.  We hate the idea of inconveniencing or offending anyone.   So wedding planning, by its very nature, has been a tricky thing for us.

Slowly but surely, we are beginning to write deposit checks for elements of our big day.  Most of our experiences with vendors have been straightforward and reasonably painless, but I can’t help but wonder if we are doing this right.  I’m so focused on not being a “bridezilla” that I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to be taken advantage of.  It’s clear that planning a successful wedding requires some amount of edge, or business savvy, that I’m afraid I just don’t possess.

For instance, we had a meeting with a potential photographer the other day that didn’t go so well.  First, we showed up empty-handed.  No planning binder or inspiration boards.  We took a seat in the studio and the photographer proceeded to show us her portfolios and a slideshow.  Her photos were undeniably incredible, so my first and natural inclination was to admire her as an artist, not some person I’m going to pay to provide me with a service.  In my wide-eyed haze I totally failed to ask critical questions about assistants and wedding day timelines.  She gave us a brochure outlining her photography packages that we accepted in silence.  Basically, for the majority of the meeting we both sat there completely terrified and mute.  It was not good.

So, I’ve got to work on this.  I’ve got to be more prepared for these meetings.  I need to be armed with questions and a clear, concise vision of what we’re looking for.  I have to be ready to discuss money and negotiate where appropriate.  Hopefully these things do not equal a scary, demanding bride – but rather a happy, smart one.

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