Budget Time

Ok, it’s time to put these numbers together and publicly declare our wedding budget.

First, here’s a typical wedding budget breakdown taken from “Bridal Bargains.”  These numbers are based on a wedding for 150 guests:

Apparel: $2120 (7%)
Rings: $6280 (20%) – this includes engagement rings
Music: $1120 (3%)
Ceremony/Officiant: $800 (2%)
Flowers: $1103 (3%)
Cake: $692 (2%)
Reception/Catering: $12,722 (40%)
Photography: $2650 (8%)
Videographer: $1450 (5%)
Invitations: $407 (1%)
Limo: $610 (2%)
Misc: $2049 (6%) – license, gifts, taxes, tips, etc.
TOTAL: $32,003

Here’s what we’re anticipating for our nuptials (based on a 70 guest-afternoon luncheon in crazy expensive Boston):

Apparel: $1000 (7%) – splitting this 50/50
Rings: $1000 (7%) – we’re not including engagement rings
Music: $0 (0%) – iPod
Ceremony/Officiant: $800 (6%) – hopefully this will be less!
Flowers: $200 (2%) – arranging my own
Cake: $0 (0%) – part of our restaurant’s per person price
Reception/Catering: $6150 (48%) – including food, alcohol, rental fee, tax & gratuity
Photography: $2800 (21%) – take a deep breath
Videographer: $0 (0%)
Invitations: $200 (2%) – making our own
Limo: $0 (0%) – everything is within walking distance
Misc: $1000 (7%) – license, gifts, taxes, tips, etc.
TOTAL: $13,150

This is $3,150 more than we originally wanted to spend.  But within a mere three months of wedding planning our guest list has grown by 25 people and we were introduced to the insane world of wedding photography, both of which upped our numbers.  It completely blows my mind that this budget does not even include a honeymoon!

Keep your eye on the sidebar where I’ll be tallying our costs as we go!


2 Responses to “Budget Time”

  1. CL Says:

    What you did you do for your invitations? Did you design and then send them to a printer? That’s what I’m thinking of doing – just trying to figure out best bang for buck without any graphic expertise.

  2. Norah Says:

    Hey CL – I know. Budget invitations are tough. Luckily my fiancé is an architect-in-training so I’m entrusting the design component to him. Then they’re off to the printer, or if I’m feeling bold I might try and have everything printed postcard size at Moo cards. Our $200 might be wishful thinking, but with our small guest list I’m hoping we can make it happen. Let me know how yours work out.

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