Wedding & Engagement Memory Boxes


I admit that I’ve been shoving all of my engagement keepsakes (greeting cards, photos, etc.) into my less-than-tidy “wedding binder.”  I have every intention of doing something lovely and commemorative with them, but for now they’re jammed into the binder pocket.  I’ve also been noticing that anything not flat (champagne corks, museum badges and other tokens) are slowly being deposited into the jewelry bowl that sits on my dresser.  Being the sentimental person that I am, I imagine this collection of engagement and wedding paraphernalia will continue to grow.

I assumed I would make an album of the scraps and mementos after the wedding, but the thought of affixing all of these objects down to paper doesn’t seem quite right.  Instead, I think I’m going to do an engagement box.  Not a shadow box or anything that will necessarily be displayed, but a pretty keepsake box I can pull down off of the shelf whenever I want to relive all of this.

Anyone else doing a box or an album specifically for their engagement?

|Images clockwise from top left: velorution, Design Hut, Pottery Barn, Les Jardins de Vie |


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