Planning exhaustion

I’m back.

So my vacation ended a week ago, and I admit I’ve been neglecting my little blog.

The truth is I am 100% wedding-ed out.  This is the first time in my 6 months of engagement bliss that I’ve felt this way.  I needed a little break.

When I headed home two weeks ago, I was super excited to do some quality wedding planning with my mom and sister (MOH) – it was the first solid chunk of time I had with either of them since becoming engaged.  We had discussed various wedding details over the phone, but no one really knew the extent of my wedding visions.  However, this dedicated planning time turned out to be pretty draining and included:

  • The justification of my color palette contenders
  • My first stab at trying on gowns (both in a boutique and some purchased online).  For now, I’ll just say that one of these occasions ended with me nearly hyperventilating
  • Agonizing over and second guessing my petite guest list
  • Pressure to make hotel arrangements for out-of-town guests (which is all guests)
  • In response to people needing hotel reservations, it was decided we would indeed do save-the-dates (we were not planning on this)
  • A lengthy discussion about my bridal shower and whether family and friends not invited to my tiny wedding should be invited to the shower (I say no)
  • Hints at a bachelorette celebration in the making
  • Stirrings of plans for a rehearsal dinner
  • Discussions about whether it’s really realistic to DIY my flowers
  • The kind donation of a snazzy, new printer to my wedding cause
  • Grappling with whether or not my totally practical nature is going to prevent me from having the wedding I really want

Seriously, this all took place over the course of three days.  Suddenly everything seemed SO real and SO soon.  With my mom, grandmother, and sister in the mix, the planning process escalated from me sitting in front of my laptop daydreaming, to a full-on, full-weekend event requiring tons of coordination, travel arrangements, and money.  But I keep telling myself the wedding is 10 months away.  Surely there is enough time to deal with all of this, right?

I’m still recovering, but hope to recap everything here soon.

Also coming up – our engagement photo session!  We have a month to choose where to shoot and what to wear.

Stay tuned!


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