The Wedding Dress Search Begins – Nordstrom

Nordstom_2$178 of casual lovliness.

The search for my wedding gown has officially begun.

This was not an aspect of my wedding that I was looking forward to.  Though it might seem contrary to the very idea of blogging, I generally do not like to be in the spotlight.  I avoid drawing attention to myself at all costs.  So, standing on a pedestal while my entourage of loved ones ooh and ahh over my appearance did not sound like the stuff of happy memories.  And beyond the feeling self-conscience part, it didn’t seem as if a traditional bridal gown was going to jive with my budget.

In attempt to appease my wallet and avoid the fashion show, I ordered five dresses from Nordstom’s online bridal boutique and had them delivered to my mother’s house.  They were beautifully packed and ready to try on in the comfort of my childhood bedroom when I went home to visit a few weeks ago.

Nordstrom’s return policy is almost too good to be true – I actually called customer service to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding something.  (I even told the operator that I was planning to order multiple dresses in the hopes that one would be my wedding dress.)  Basically, as long as the garment has not been worn, you can return it for a full refund at any time.  The exchange period does not expire!

I did not end up keeping any of the dresses, but I wanted to share my options (and their AWESOME prices) here.  One of the dresses (a lovely Grecian frock with pewter beading) is no longer for sale, so that one is left up to your imagination.

If you’re a bride on a budget, definitely check this amazing dress shopping alternative out!

nordstrom_1The back on this dress was stunning.  $178.

nordstrom_4$180.  Pretty details, but a little too evening gown-ish.

nordstrom_3The most expensive at $360, but perfect for a summer afternoon wedding.

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