Honeymoon – PERU!

It’s official!  We are going to Peru for our honeymoon!


The planning of our budget-friendly post-nuptial escape started in Europe – particularly Spain – but we soon realized there was no way we could afford honeymoon-ish hotels.  Even though we’re both dying to get there, it is a trip that would probably be better (and more economically) accomplished with backpacks.

Next, I set my heart on Morocco – where sexy, exotic riads are wallet-friendly.  But Morocco would be about 90 degrees in June, and I definitely have a temperature threshold.  Not allowing my husband to touch me during our first week of marriage because I am so disgustingly hot was probably not a good route to take, either.

Enter magical (temperate) Peru.  Machu Picchu has always been high on our list of places to visit before we die, and with a little research we learned this trip could actually be affordable without sacrificing the little luxuries I would like to have on my honeymoon.  On top of that, there will be equal parts romance, relaxation, sightseeing, and adventure.  I can’t imagine anything more perfect.


After some discussion, we’ve decided to go the Monday after the wedding, which is on a Saturday.  We briefly toyed with going on the honeymoon at some other point in time – I’ve read a lot of pros and cons about this – but I want everything to be wrapped up into one big blissful package.

Itinerary planning is underway.  I am so excited!

| Machu Picchu: iho-ohi & Cusco: Fine Art America |


One Response to “Honeymoon – PERU!”

  1. satravel Says:

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