Save the Dates revealed!

Despite my lackluster photography, I am thrilled to show off our handmade save-the-dates!

The cards – which have already been mistaken as store bought! – were a total collaboration.  We sat in front of the computer for a couple hours before getting them just right.  The project also forced us to pin down our final color scheme – dusty blue, yellow, and gray.  (I would absolutely recommend stationary design as an essential exercise for all couples about to tie the knot.)  And! — When all was said and done, the pre-postage cards/envelopes came in at only 60 cents a piece!

SaveTheDate_blueCompare our file to our inspiration below…


6 Responses to “Save the Dates revealed!”

  1. Lauren Smith Says:

    I used those stamps on my save the dates as well. Aren’t they the cutest! Great job on your DIY cards. 🙂

  2. Stephanie Says:

    ooohhh they look great!! nice work…so creative! I should probably get going on ours…we’re getting married the week before you!

  3. Norah Says:

    Yay! Thanks, girls!

  4. anna and the ring Says:

    They are fabulous! So jealous!

  5. FromFraai Says:

    Love these save-the-dates. Would you mind if I showed them on my blog? I think it’s just great that you used a Dutch beer coaster as your inspiration

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