I’m Back (I think)

Ok.  At some point in October I lost all interest in wedding planning.  We had hit the 8-month mark in our engagement, most of our major vendors were settled, and I grew tired of wedding blogs – including my own.  But this past weekend I was terrified to discover we are less than 160 days away from the big event!  I’m completely overwhelmed by my impossibly long to-do list.  How did I ignore it for so long?

I’m just going to dip my toes in today.  I’ll start out nice and slow with a lovely bouquet featured on Saipua’s gorgeous new website.  I’m hoping to begin my florist meetings next week and I would love to find someone with this natural, loose style.

You may recall I originally had every intention of doing my own flowers on a grocery-store-budget.  This idea has been thrown out the window.  Hard.  I don’t have much money set aside for this, but I only need a handful of corsages and boutonnieres, one bridesmaid’s bouquet, and my bouquet.  Knowing I will not be on the floor surrounded by Trader Joe’s blossoms and floral wire the night before my wedding is worth it.  So worth it.

Anyone know of a Saipua-esque florist in Boston?


One Response to “I’m Back (I think)”

  1. pat keenan Says:

    Did you get any Saipua-esque florist in Boston ideas??

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