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Signing Off

May 27, 2010

Ok, so obviously I am the worst blogger in the history of blogs.

This seemed like the best idea when I first got engaged.  I was spending hours a day looking at all things wedding.  I had such grand plans to neatly compile everything here in a charming, entertaining way.  It so totally did not happen.

About half way through the engagement, I got completely sick of looking at photos of other people’s perfect weddings; dreading the inevitable imperfection of my own.  I thought wedding blogs were the solution to the over-the-top, completely unattainable image bridal magazines promote, but in fact, it was quite the opposite for me.  I was way more jealous about some fabulous hipster bride’s DIY save-the-dates than I was about a designer wedding dress I could never afford.  I stopped reading blogs (with the sole exception of the lovely and real Cupcake Wedding) and stopped writing my own.  Instead, I focused on planning my wedding without the influence of way-too-pretty pictures and way-too-perfect projects.

So here I am, about two weeks away from the big day.  I randomly checked good old Whoa Wedding to see that I still had a decent number of people dropping in here, and even a few comments to keep it up.  I figured I should at least explain myself.

In conclusion (unless I become overwhelmed with the desire to post recaps), here are all of the location details that I strangely never revealed.  I hope they might be helpful to some other budget-minded Boston bride.

Rehearsal/Welcome Party (night before): private event room at Tavern in the Square, Central Square
Ceremony: MIT Chapel (mid-century awesomeness pictured above)
Lunch Reception (family only): Oleana
Party that night (friends only): Gallery 263

The decision to split our celebration into two separate events was a big one, and I hope everyone understands.  It saved us GOBS of money, which was a very important factor.

So far we’ve spent just under $7000, and when all is said and done, I hope we’ll be under $15,000.  That includes all four events listed above.  My original budget of $10,000 was only for the ceremony/lunch reception, so I can deal with this.

If I’m ambitious, I’ll tell you how it all goes.

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Attention Boston Brides!

January 31, 2010

Pearl Art in Central Square is going out of business and everything in the store is 75% off!  While hoards of people are scrambling to grab the last of the fancy paint brushes, stationary and craft supplies remained plentiful as of this morning.  I’ve already made two trips and scored bulletin boards for our escort cards, enough Scotch tape to last me until I’m 50 years old, handfuls of really nice pens and markers, and my favorite, three different shape punchers.  And who knew Pearl Art had an aisle devoted to wedding stuff?!  There are tons of bubbles, bells, and other kitschy lovliness up for grabs… if you’re into that sort of thing, which I am.

Go now!  But be prepared to stand in the check-out line for up to an hour.

|photo from wayneandwax|

Wedding Budget Update

September 23, 2009

Yikes, I just spent a dangerous amount of time in Paper Source buying Save-the-Date supplies.  I was reminded I need to update my budget.  My most recent wedding expenses are:

My wedding dress!  It will not be revealed here just yet, but I am in love with it and its amazing price tag!: $350 (before alterations)

Save-the-Date supplies: $35 (will be posting the finished product once they’ve been delivered)

Save-the-Date postage: $28 (why are stamps so expensive?)

Premature purchase of program booklet covers: $38 (they were on sale!)

So, I’m tacking on $451!

Budget Time

June 18, 2009

Ok, it’s time to put these numbers together and publicly declare our wedding budget.

First, here’s a typical wedding budget breakdown taken from “Bridal Bargains.”  These numbers are based on a wedding for 150 guests:

Apparel: $2120 (7%)
Rings: $6280 (20%) – this includes engagement rings
Music: $1120 (3%)
Ceremony/Officiant: $800 (2%)
Flowers: $1103 (3%)
Cake: $692 (2%)
Reception/Catering: $12,722 (40%)
Photography: $2650 (8%)
Videographer: $1450 (5%)
Invitations: $407 (1%)
Limo: $610 (2%)
Misc: $2049 (6%) – license, gifts, taxes, tips, etc.
TOTAL: $32,003

Here’s what we’re anticipating for our nuptials (based on a 70 guest-afternoon luncheon in crazy expensive Boston):

Apparel: $1000 (7%) – splitting this 50/50
Rings: $1000 (7%) – we’re not including engagement rings
Music: $0 (0%) – iPod
Ceremony/Officiant: $800 (6%) – hopefully this will be less!
Flowers: $200 (2%) – arranging my own
Cake: $0 (0%) – part of our restaurant’s per person price
Reception/Catering: $6150 (48%) – including food, alcohol, rental fee, tax & gratuity
Photography: $2800 (21%) – take a deep breath
Videographer: $0 (0%)
Invitations: $200 (2%) – making our own
Limo: $0 (0%) – everything is within walking distance
Misc: $1000 (7%) – license, gifts, taxes, tips, etc.
TOTAL: $13,150

This is $3,150 more than we originally wanted to spend.  But within a mere three months of wedding planning our guest list has grown by 25 people and we were introduced to the insane world of wedding photography, both of which upped our numbers.  It completely blows my mind that this budget does not even include a honeymoon!

Keep your eye on the sidebar where I’ll be tallying our costs as we go!

Budget Boston Wedding Venue #2

June 8, 2009


When we first got engaged we were pretty set on doing the smallest wedding possible.  By inviting our parents, grandparents, siblings, and one best friend each, we had a guest list of about 30.  With this number in mind, I started my initial hunt for a venue, which ultimately gave birth to the idea of a restaurant reception.

Think about it: no linen, tableware or furniture rentals; no hiring a bartender or paying exorbitant fees for wait staff; and in many cases, there’s very little need for additional decorations.  So smart and stress-free.  Plus, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a delicious meal.

I was amazed to find a huge number of Boston restaurants that could accommodate this number of people (and more, as you’ll see!).

Budget Boston Wedding Venue #2
The Wine Cellar at Mooo…

Ok, so being a vegetarian I am loath to put the word “Mooo…” on my wedding invitation, but one look at this private and totally romantic space made me reconsider.


Built into the foundation of a 1722 Beacon Hill mansion, The Wine Cellar feels masculine and sophisticated.  The cozy space – with amazing vaulted ceilings – can accommodate 36 for seated meal and 75 for a standing reception.  Dinner prices per person range from $75 to $125 (before alcohol).  This might seem steep, but with the maximum number of guests and the most basic menu you still come in under $3000 for a gorgeous meal.  Just remember all of the money you saved on ugly folding chairs and crazy expensive centerpieces!

As for non-offensive invitations:  you can always just call it “The Wine Cellar.”

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