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Color Collages

February 8, 2010

** As always, please excuse my crap photography **

I have always been crazy about the little color cards brides make for their bridesmaids.  Any excuse to craft something lovely out of paper and I’m there.  Sadly, I didn’t think this project was necessary for my wedding since my sister is my only bridesmaid and she’s choosing her own dress.  But, as my DIY list continues to grow, I’ve slowly started to enlist the help of my mom and sister (MOH) on a variety of projects.  I live far from home and have made most wedding decisions – like the final color palette – independently, so it turns out these little color guides were appropriate for my wedding afterall!  Now my gracious helpers are up to speed.

I sealed the color swatches (yellow, blue, ivory, and two shades of gray) in a little vellum envelope and attached it to a card that showcases other wedding details (vintage book pages, vintage buttons, Etsy calligraphy, and my lovely leaf-shape hole punch).

So happy I found an excuse to make these!


Save the Date Sneak Preview

September 24, 2009


Color Palette Blues

August 12, 2009

My search for the perfect color palette continues to continue.  I just can’t seem to commit!  This decision far surpasses any pressure or stress I felt over choosing things like my reception venue or photographer.  Is that strange?  Maybe it’s because I feel like I can 100% control these colors.  They’ll set the tone for all of my DIY projects which are the details I’m most excited about.

So, in my never ending journey I’ve been playing around with some online color palette generators.  My go-to page is  Just pop in any image URL to see a rainbow of possibilities.  Click here to see the lovely list of hues the page generated based on the image below.


But who knows.  Maybe it’s things like color palette generators (not to mention the plethora of drool-worthy wedding blogs out there!) that make decisions like this so tricky.  I’m absolutely spoiled for choice.

| Velvet ring boxes from Martha Stewart Weddings |

Yet another contender…

August 7, 2009


Hmm, this 100 Layer Cake palette kind of says dreamy June afternoon. And I think I spy some jadite in the kitchen image…

Vintage Wedding Wrapping Paper

July 27, 2009


Anyone who knows me personally knows I LOVE vintage paper. Any kind.  So as I hmm and haw over wedding colors and motifs, I’ll be searching high and low for inspiration from various paper ephemera.

This time around: wrapping paper – another one of my obsessions.



| 1: Amy Honey, 2: Seamsters, 3: Suzy Fairchild, 4: Blempgorf |

Hunt for the Perfect Palette

July 20, 2009


We are still 11 months away from the big day, but I’ve become obsessed with finalizing a color palette.  Now that the most basic details (ceremony and reception sites, photographer, and officiant) are taken care of, I’d like to focus on the more aesthetic elements of our wedding.

When it comes to colors, we don’t want anything too sweet or predictable.  And although my fiancé might be happy with a palette of grays and gray-blues, I would like something more lighthearted.

These criteria kept bringing us back to some of our favorite things.  For my fiancé: Russian Constructivist posters.  For me: the age and color of vintage postcards and other ephemera.


An inspiration palette of poppy, honey, ivory, and black was posted on The Bride’s Guide back in May.  It has the vintage feel and classic design/typography that we both love.


My only hesitation is that it seems like more of a fall palette than an early summer one.  But it serves as a start – I’ll have an easier time passing up minty-greens as I scour the internet for invitation inspiration.

| Poster 1: Desain Grafis Indonesia Poster 2: Art Attacker Postcard: eBay Inspiration Board: The Bride’s Guide |

Pretty Pochoirs

July 9, 2009

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for color palette inspiration.  While researching vintage textiles, I stumbled across the New York Public Library’s digital gallery and this beautiful portfolio of Art Deco pochoir prints.  I’m in love.