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I’m Back (I think)

January 5, 2010

Ok.  At some point in October I lost all interest in wedding planning.  We had hit the 8-month mark in our engagement, most of our major vendors were settled, and I grew tired of wedding blogs – including my own.  But this past weekend I was terrified to discover we are less than 160 days away from the big event!  I’m completely overwhelmed by my impossibly long to-do list.  How did I ignore it for so long?

I’m just going to dip my toes in today.  I’ll start out nice and slow with a lovely bouquet featured on Saipua’s gorgeous new website.  I’m hoping to begin my florist meetings next week and I would love to find someone with this natural, loose style.

You may recall I originally had every intention of doing my own flowers on a grocery-store-budget.  This idea has been thrown out the window.  Hard.  I don’t have much money set aside for this, but I only need a handful of corsages and boutonnieres, one bridesmaid’s bouquet, and my bouquet.  Knowing I will not be on the floor surrounded by Trader Joe’s blossoms and floral wire the night before my wedding is worth it.  So worth it.

Anyone know of a Saipua-esque florist in Boston?


Flower: Alliums

July 7, 2009

The garden where our wedding luncheon is taking place should be full of these whimsical flowers next June – hopefully in their purple splendor!  Their striking, stylish shape and height would make them a great wedding motif. (Who cares if they belong to the onion and garlic family!)


| Top image via eRiding; Other images clockwise from top right: OneWed, Lynn Fosbender, Wedding Paper Divas, & FauxReal |

Flower: Bells of Ireland

June 16, 2009

In season during late summer and early fall, Bells of Ireland are lightly-scented and long-lasting as cut flowers.  I love the dramatic lines they add to centerpieces.

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing my own wedding flowers.  I have a feeling the final bouquets and arrangements might be a motley crew of blooms from the local Trader Joe’s, but with a little planning maybe I can take advantage of some online deals.  At you can order 100 stems of Bells of Ireland for just over $75, shipping included.

| 1: FloralVerde 2: RealSimple 3: The Bride’s Cafe |


June 2, 2009


I admit that in many ways I’m approaching wedding planning in the wrong order.  My priorities do not always seem to be appropriate.  For instance, we had our first consultation with our wedding photographer today, yet we still have NO idea who the officiant at our ceremony will be.  Risky.

So it’s not surprising that I’m spending countless hours fantasizing about my reception table décor when I have no idea how many tables I will even have to decorate.

I like the idea of collecting antique vessels for flowers over the course of our engagement.  They would grace the tables on our wedding day, and then afterward we would have a beautiful, meaningful collection.  Right now I’m considering jadite.


Jadite is the common term for a seafoam-green-colored kitchenware popular between the 1940s and 60s.  The milky glass is still easily found at garage sales, antique shows, and of course, eBay.  There are plenty of reproductions out there, so if you’re looking for the real thing, keep your eyes peeled for the following makers: Jeannette, McKee, and Fire Stone.  Jadite was never meant to be fancy – it was made from scrap glass and is often thick with abnormalities and bubbles.  All the more charming.

| Jadite dishes: thepioneerwoman; Top Row: eBay & Creative Influences; Bottom Row: ClassicMemories & SuzieMax |

Flower: Scabiosa Pod

June 1, 2009

Ever since seeing scabiosa pods used in a gorgeous floral headpiece on Brooklyn Bride, I have been obsessed with this little bloom.  Also known as the “pincushion flower,” scabiosas are in season throughout the late spring and summer months, and the pods will dry nicely if you plan on preserving your bouquet.


| 1: 2: Seattle Flowers 3: Ink & Peat 4: Brooklyn Bride |